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Replicas and Tribute / Color of Donohue GT350R
January 05, 2024, 11:42:08 AM
I posted this question previously but the title didn't really match the request so thought I would repost. I'm looking for info on the color of the Mark Donohue R-model car. In some photos it looks like guardsman blue but in others it looks like a darker blue. If anyone out there has info I'd really appreciate hearing from you. The current plan for my R model tribute car is to duplicate the color of the Donohue car. I've used the "contact us" feature on the LMC web site but no response.
Replicas and Tribute / 67 seat belt source
February 28, 2023, 11:51:00 AM
I've looked through previous posts that suggest a source for repro seat belts and keep hitting dead ends. Where can I find a reasonable replacement for 67 Shelby seat belt setup? As usual, I don't need, and can't justify paying for original equipment since this is just a tribute car.
Replicas and Tribute / Gaurdsman Blue paint code
January 23, 2023, 03:43:52 PM
I've seen various comments about the variation in the color that falls into the category of "Guardsman Blue" but I'm wondering if someone has a paint code or an existing factory paint designation that is a good replication of guardsman blue. I'm looking to replicate the appearance of the Mark Donohue version of 5R105.
I see engine builders that seem to do a lot of business marketing mostly on Ebay but I can't help but wonder if they can be trusted. Anybody have experience with either of these outfits? Other suggestions for a 331 or 347 long block for my R-model tribute?

Detroit Muscle Car Store

Creb Engineering
I was looking at 245-60 15 tires and see that Hoosier sells the R7 in a 50 series which would help to prevent the diameter from getting out of hand as the width goes up. I know it's not a street legal tire but I doubt that I'd ever get ticketed for that minor detail so has anybody had experience with this tire? has anybody tried to shove that much into the 65 wheel well?
I just purchased this Bill Neale print from the 1995 30th anniversary event at Sears Point. I have figured out all of the signatures except the two at the bottom right side of the image. One looks like Wayne A Prince and the other looks like something similar to Bruce Burns. Came anybody shed some light on these signatures?
I found this article on converting the early mustang to the 2 1/2" Fairlane station wagon drums but it provides no part numbers and the drums used have cooling fins which isn't what I see when I look at photos of original Shelby cars. Is it correct that the standard mustang backing plates (even the ones used on 8" axles) work with the wider drums/shoes? Does anybody have a better How-To source for this seemingly simple upgrade including part numbers for what is needed?
Replicas and Tribute / Who needs an R-Model gas tank?
January 16, 2022, 05:12:21 PM
I'm getting ready to have a tank fabricated from new Dorman mustang tanks using the original plans including the original style baffles. Don't know the price yet but I'm sure they will be cheaper if they make several so let me know if you're interested in having one. I'll post progress on negotiations with fabricator and plan to get photos during construction to document originality of construction.
My base car for the 65 R Model tribute is a V8 car but not a K code so Im guessing the factory leaf springs are not what I want to go with. I'm not looking for a concours correct car but want it to be visually similar to the original so where should I look for replacement leaf springs?
Replicas and Tribute / Ford's Big Bore Boss 302 block
August 30, 2021, 11:27:26 AM
I'm planning the engine build for my 65 GT350R tribute and want to use modern internals (a 302 roller block) while maintaining as much of the original external appearance of the Hipo 289 as practical. I'm thinking about stepping up to the large-bore Boss 302 block from Ford Performance. It would give me the strength of 4-bolt mains and additional interior webbing, roller lifters, extra displacement from the 4.2" bore (in addition to what I would get from 331 stroker components) and with aluminum heads (my only external giveaway) and 10:1 compression I think I'll have upwards of 450 HP. Is anyone aware of anything about these blocks that would prevent me from using all the other Shelby external parts (intake, carb, valve covers, distributor, competition oil pan, etc.) to make this modern block look like a 289?
1965 GT350/R-Model / R-Model valve covers
January 15, 2021, 11:51:32 AM
Looking to fab a set of R-Model valve covers and wondering if the add-on tube at the unconventional location on the second cover has a baffle or does the length of the tube make a baffle unnecessary? Anybody got photos of the bottom side of original valve covers? I also notice in looking at available photos that some of the modified second covers have a plug over the original breather hole location and some don't seem to have ever had a hole. Which situation represents the originals?
1965 GT350/R-Model / quick steer
December 08, 2020, 05:36:08 PM
I can't find it now but at some point I remembered reading that the longer steering arms didn't need to be used by Shelby on later model cars because Ford changed the steering gear ratio in the steering box. Since there are so many comments about headers not clearing the longer steering arms on the early cars (65-66) I'm wondering if the header clearance problem could be solved by using a later steering box. Anybody know?
Since I'm starting with a bare block to build my 428 I'm hoping that someone has assembled a package of the correct bolts for all the accessories, oil pan, intake, valve covers, etc. Am I dreaming? Can't find anything on the Web.
1967 Shelby GT350/500 / 428 oil pan
July 20, 2020, 03:22:35 PM
Am I correct in thinking that the 428 oil pan is the same as the mustang 390 pan but different than the pans used on FE trucks and passenger cars? I'm trying to source an accurate appearing pan for my project.
I'm planning to use these PRW stainless roller rockers on BBM heads on my 428. Can anybody confirm that they will fit under the Lemans covers? Anybody got a decent set of Lemans covers for sale?
I was fortunate to pick up several R-Model items from a forum member including a set of the aluminum door glass frames. They didn't come with any installation documents so if anyone has installation details for these aluminum frames I would very much appreciate some help. No idea how they're attached to the doors. Couldn't find anything online.
Replicas and Tribute / GT500 Tribute Build
March 29, 2020, 07:11:42 PM
I've been in parts collection mode for several months and have now collected enough parts that I'm ready to get serious about wrenching on my GT500 tribute car. I hope that by documenting the build I can provide a reference for others who may admire the Shelby marque as I have for all these years but not be able to justify the cost of an original. I'm a retired engineer and just had my 65th birthday so the early days of the Shelby legend were headline car news when I was a preteen building scale models of GT40s and a host of other performance automobiles. I've been a Shelby fan as long as I can remember and decided probably 25 years ago that I would eventually build a 67 GT500 tribute car when I was done funding the education and marriage of my 4 kids. Having no plan for striking it rich and having no rich relatives I never really considered that I would ever be fortunate enough to own an original. At any rate this is the kickoff of that project. These photos show where I started when I purchased the car in Atlanta from a guy who had owned it for about 25 years. He started his restoration with a brief flurry of activity about 15 years ago (new 351 motor, new seats, new brakes, etc.) and then he parked it for most of the 15 years since then. I won't be using much more than the shell but at least I get to see how it comes apart so I'll have an idea how to put it back together. This is how it looked when I got it.
Hey I'm just looking for fellow enthusiasts in the vicinity. I'm in Madison, MS (near Jackson) and wondering who else might be nearby?
After several months of membership and forum interaction I need to get something off my chest. SAAC is not living up to it's purpose. The statement of purpose on the home page reads:

"Dedicated to the care, preservation, history, and enjoyment of the world championship cars from Shelby American, and the cars they have inspired from 1962 to today. Ownership is not required for membership-just enthusiasm."

I think it's worth noting that exactly half of that entire statement is directed to people who do NOT own a Shelby. I do not own a Shelby but have been a fan of Shelby, and his cars, since the company was formed. I built scale models of the cars while they were beating Ferrari at Lemans. I started a car fund about 30 years ago to pigeon hole any spare $ so that some day I could buy a mustang without cutting into the family budget and build as close to a real Shelby as I was able to build. I had decided that a 67 GT500 was my goal long before "Gone in 60 Seconds" hit the screen (I still don't appreciate Eleanors). Even the classic 67 DONZI I restored got turned into a Shelby. I am now retired and working on two Shelby tribute cars, a 67 GT500 and a 65 R-model and have spent countless hours scouring this forum for info on correct parts and modifications. When I can't find the info I need I post a request knowing that there are world class experts that monitor this forum daily. What I have found is that the leadership of this forum has decided that I am not worthy, that ownership in fact IS required, and that enthusiasm is NOT enough to deserve the assistance that SAAC has the ability to provide to it's members. I recently asked some very simple questions on engine parts (in the "Replicas and Tribute" forum) and got essentially NO response.

In previous posts the experts have let debates about correct parts go on for days without bothering to post an authoritative answer to a simple question. This kind of "freeze out" doesn't happen by accident. The leadership of this organization has a problem. By your actions you make a joke of the statement on your home page.

If you are actually interested in preserving interest (ownership AND enthusiasm) in the Shelby story you might consider that more people are going to get a chance to look over my correctly modified "Tribute" car than will ever have a chance to look over an actual Shelby because I will probably drive my car more and take it to more events than the vast majority of original car owners. Young potential classic car fans that will NEVER have opportunity to see an actual R-Model will see my car and understand what kind of car Ken Miles drove to win a world championship by beating the corvettes and XKE's. Why would you choose to not support that opportunity to promote the Shelby story?

The ball is in your court. You can respond by further blackballing me and others like me or you can make some fundamental changes and live up to your potential as an organization that actually DOES support those who are enthusiastic about the cars that Shelby produced AND the cars that they inspired. I hope you chose the path of greater influence. I hope to have a reason to be a SAAC Member for years to come. Thanks for the assistance that HAS been provided by your members. It is vital to my success.