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Summer 2016 42

The mysterious Bumpersticker Bandit made an appearance at

Mid-Ohio. His target was, again, Howard Pardee’s R-Model. How

does this guy get away with this without being seen?

John Baldwin drove his GT350 Hertz car with his daughter from

Louisiana, turning the trip into an adventure. It gave her some

insight into what the car and SAAC conventions were all about.

A new 2016 Hertz car was rented in Detroit, driven to Mid-Ohio

and then run in the open track. There’s one new Hertz car with

some “track history.”

Breaking in the next generation.

Convention photographers: John Baldwin, John Borzym, Jeff

Burgy, Robert Cassling, Diana Duffee, Bill Fulk, John Guyer, JD

Kaltenbach, Tim Kilinski, Greg Kolasa, Colleen Kopec, Troy

Kruger, Pete Larkin, Bob McClurg, Steve McDonald, Howard

Pardee, Dave Redman. Thanks, guys and gals.