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On Friday it was back to the track.

A high level of activity was noted in

the concours area. Concours entrants

had been spoiled by SAAC-40’s indoor

judging in a huge, carpeted ballroom.

This year it was back to the grass, and

after the previous morning’s rain the

ground was a little soft. In recognition

of this, trailers were lined up, side by

side, and cars were allowed to be rolled

out to be judged. That made owners

happy because they did not have to

unload in a separate area and drive to

a show field. There were nineteen cars

entered in the concours show. The win-

ners were announced at the Friday

evening program.

Most of the open track sessions

were scheduled for the morning, with

three run groups going out after

lunch. The SAAC vintage race was

held at the end of the day., barely giv-

ing drivers, crews and spectators time

to get back to their hotels to freshen

up and then get to the Mid-Ohio Con-

ference Center, about twenty minutes

from the track.


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