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Cobraistas Tom Cotter and Jim

Maxwell have been putting together a

week-long driving tour for original Co-

bras for the past eleven years. Each

year they choose a different area of the

country with scenic roads that are

challenges to drive. Pleasant

overnight stays and interesting

restaurants are part of the event.

There were fifteen Cobras on this

year’s tour and they arrived for the

start from eleven states: Alaska, Mon-

tana, Washington, California, North

Carolina, Missouri, Kansas, Ohio,

Delaware, Georgia and Michigan.

When you think of great touring

roads, Southern Ohio isn’t the first

place that comes to mind; Highway 1

in Big Sur, Valley of the Gods in Ari-

zona, or the Blue Ridge Parkway, sure.

But who has heard of Hocking Hills in

Ohio? Actually, it’s a well-kept secret

but it is known to

Road & Track


Car and Driver

road-testers. C/D has

described the route as, “

maybe the

best in the world, this side of the Nür-


” Tight and sweeping curves

along with blind summits that lift

your stomach like a roller coaster. The

added pleasure was that traffic was

nearly non-existant and left the Cobra

drivers with the rural, scenic roads al-

most all to themselves. Does it get any

better than that?


Fall 2016 32

– Photos by Penny Sharp and Jim Sfetko

CSX2321, CSX2551

Every stop a photo op.