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For the next 30 years, the “Blue”

car would only see the road from the

back of a tow truck. After graduating

in 1974, we moved back to Maryland

to start a family and a business. The

Shelby was towed to my new shop and

became a great workbench for rebuild-

ing carburetors. There were no real

plans for it, because it couldn’t accom-

modate car seats and baby strollers.

And so, tucked away in the back of my

auto shop, it was truly “out of sight…

out of mind.”

Our three daughters would soon

take up most of our time and money,

but in 1987 a mid-life crisis emerged.

We decided to restore the “Blue” car.

We joined Shelby American Automo-

bile Club (SAAC), SAAC Group of

Maryland, National Capital Region

Mustang Club (NCRMC), and Mus-

tang Club of America (MCA).

SAAC-18 inWatkins Glen was our

first convention. Our restoration was

“in progress” and we wanted to check

out other Shelbys. We met Carroll

Shelby, enjoyed and compared cars in

the concours and popular vote shows,

and watched a crazy-fun vintage race

with real Shelbys.We got to know a lot

of people within SAAC MD, who of-

fered advice, stories and friendships.

The hook had been set.

In 2003 we drove to Nashville for

SAAC-28. It was our first convention

with the “BLUE” car. We towed it on

an open trailer, with fresh paint in the

pouring rain. We met Carroll Shelby

again, and Dennis Gage from “My

Classic Car.” We won 1st Place in the

Popular Vote show in our class (I’m not


Fall 2016 30