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288 Fall 2015

Gold - Cobra/Division II - Leland & Felicia Cross, CSX3130

Gold - ‘66 Shelby/Division II - Richard Nash, 6S2381

Gold - ‘66 Shelby/Division II - John Rago, 6S007

Gold - ‘67 Shelby/Division I - Vernon Smith, 67400F8A01518

Gold - ‘68 Shelby/Division I - Vernon Smith, 8T03R201809-02493

Gold - ‘65 Shelby/Division II - Phil Pickens, 5S151

Premiere - Boss 429/Division I - James Haling, 0F02Z143232


– Rand Bailey, Concours Chairman

If there were any complaints about where this year’s

concours judging was held, they were made by people who

would probably complain about being given a stack of

hundred dollar bills. The judges seemed to be happy

rolling around on wall-to-wall carpeting with excellent

lighting and air conditioning. This situation might not

happen again for another forty years!

As has become the case, the level of quality of the cars

continues to get better each year, only outpaced by the in-

creasing knowledge and experience of the judges. Cars

that would have won gold awards ten years ago would

now probably only qualify for a bronze or silver award

today. The standards are established by the judges and

the cars have to stretch to reach them.

Once again, our thanks to the judges and everyone

else involved in organizing and managing the event.