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Fall 2015 291

Bronze - Cobra/Division II - Peter Livanos, CSX2351

Bronze - ‘67 Shelby/Division II - Mark Cowan, 67200F2 0082

Bronze - ‘67 Shelby/Division II - The Clasings, 67400F8A01807

Bronze - ‘68 Shelby/Division II - Mitt Layton, 8T02R206151-03391

Bronze - ‘67 Shelby/Division II - William Kenney, 67412F2U00916

Chairman’s Award

‘68 Shelby/Division III - Salvatore Fresca - 8T03R210892-03855

Bronze - ‘67 Shelby/Division II - Dale Spahr, 67210F7A01351


We initially invited owners of GT350 R-Models to display

their cars to commemorate the GT350’s 50th Anniversary as

well as the 50th Anniversary of the GT350’s first B/Production

National Championship. We had a place to display them which

could not have been better – indoors in the Kalahari’s conven-

tion center ballroom. The cars were brought in at the same time

the concours entries were, on Thursday night between 5 p.m.

and 11 p.m. Between Thursday and Saturday morning there

was a continual flow of people moving through to look at the

cars and take pictures. We have to admit, it was a pretty im-

pressive sight. And one that’s not likely to happen again because

you don’t exactly stumble over convention sites like this very

often. Once in forty years, in our case. We thank these owners

for sharing their cars with everyone and helping to make

SAAC’s 40th convention a memorable one.