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The Shelby American 2019 Annual

Started by SFM5S000, December 11, 2019, 01:08:15 PM

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Got ours today as well!  Great reading on a rainy day, especially Tom Cotter's story relating the Cobra Alaskan odyssey.
5S071, 6S1467


Jay does love me, got mine today in Michigan

Doug C

Got mine today in Valencia, CA. THANKS to all who put it together.


Got mine in SoCal today.  Can't wait to rip open the bag and get to reading tomorrow.
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Yep, LA area was covered pretty good on Friday, got mine.

mark p

... one delivered to me in soggy NJ today. Thanks!
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The eagle has landed in Pasadena,CA.!!!


1969 GT350 owned since 1970

Doug B

Got mine in Mass today - perfect beach reading over the holiday break.
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Chicago suburbs this Saturday.  Bad habit not reading it on line as it comes. But, so enjoyable when all four quarters gets here.
Bonus: Nick Guisto's 67 350 #1690


I just got mine yesterday also.

If you have not gotten yours yet, please do not write to me until the end of the month. We have no control over the distribution of the US Post Office.

We have seen the distribution process span 3 weeks, so please be patient.

Thank you.

Jay Talbott

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Jay Talbott
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SAAC Membership Director


Got back from a little get away, and ours was in the mailbox in the Central Coast area of California.
Thank you SAAC, I'm looking forward to reading it cover to cover, as always!  Cheers!