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The Shelby American 2019 Annual

Started by SFM5S000, December 11, 2019, 01:08:15 PM

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A pleasant surprise today, The 2019 Annual just arrived. A great diversion from all the hustle and bustles of the holiday season. Thanks Jay

Happy Holidays
~Earl J


Excellent, i can't wait to get mine to see 6S2020 in there. :)

Should get down here in OZ any minute now  ;D

Bob Gaines

I got mine Tuesday the 10th . I was pleasantly surprised because I hadn't heard of anyone getting theirs yet . In years past I am typically one the last bunch to get it.  Jay must have felt sorry for me this go around. Thanks regardless. ;D
Bob Gaines,Shelby Enthusiast, Shelby Collector , Shelby Concours judge SAAC,MCA,Mid America Shelby


Oh boy!!!  Early Christmas gift!!!

SFM 6S406


Recieved mine yesterday afternoon in CO.  Lots of great stuff!


I received mine yesterday in N.E. OH. The wife hijacked it for awhile last night.
Rodney Harrold,Ohio SAAC Rep,SAAC 68 Shelby Concourse Judge,68 GT500KR 02267




Arrived today in Carpinteria, CA.  Great reading material for my flight next week to San Antonio.
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CSX 4133

Received mine yesterday, looking forward to reading it this weekend.


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Friday 13th (lucky?) - got mine 3 minutes ago NE Ohio

THANKS to all that make this happen!!
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'67 Shelby Lower Grille Edge Protective Strip


It has made it to the Great Republic of Florida
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Steve McDonald Formally known as Mcdonas

I sat by the mailbox all day and alas, nothing today. So sad 😫
Owned since 1971, now driven over 248,000 miles, makes me smile every time I drive it and it makes me feel 21 again.😎


Nothing beats a classic!


Got mine this afternoon here in South Carolina, sorry Steve.