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Shelby helmet

Started by BGlover67, October 22, 2019, 03:34:58 PM

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I just figured out that Buco was NOT the manufacturer of these helmets.  For one, they say (made in Japan) on the inside.  Second, I found an ad for Arai Hirotake of Japan.  They have been making helmets since 1926.  They used a stitched leather boarder and the straps are identical.  But they did not have the vents as mentioned, something I believe that they reserved for the Shelby helmets.  Interestingly, the ad says they cost $29.95, same as the Shelby helmet.  I will confirm, but I'll bet they were the original manufacturers of these helmets. 

Brian R. Glover
SAAC Carolina's Northern Representative


You can also search for McHal helmets as well. Sometimes they pop up in that search as the seller assumes that's what they are. With the Shelby sticker usually off they don't know what they have.
88 Saleen 19R