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How About a Camping Trip with Your '67 Shelby

Started by SHELB66, October 22, 2019, 03:19:01 PM

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I posted this previously on the now defunct "old forum" and thought I would resurrect it.  This came from a vintage camper brochure.  Those lime gold Shelby's sure get around!

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Bob Gaines

I had a trailer hitch on my first 67 GT500 back in 1972 . It was fairly common to see one on a Mustang /Shelby back then . You couldn't pull ANYTHING that had much tongue weight however.trailer hitch bumpers got replaced but on many restorations the restorers would forget to fill the two holes in the back of the trunk so fast forward ,you can still see evidence on cars occasionally while looking under the car or in the trunk under the mat. 
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I always wondered about this ad    ??? with the cowboy running out in front of the car ! maybe it's a car jacking ? he has a six

shooter in his hand. Looks a little bit like the old man in his younger days, with that stetson  ;)


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When I bought 68 GT500 Convert #135 it had a hitch on it. Lots of BS written about it since then. No it never towed a fishing boat in Alaska. The kid that owned it bought it in SoCal when his dad (an ex Alaskan senator) sent him to college in Orange County. He decided to party rather than go to school and dad finally called him home. Another COCOA member spotted it in a body shop and couldn't afford the $300+ dollars to get it out. I called the dad and he sent me the CA pink on the car and I paid the body shop. Every piece of fiberglass on the car was cracked, it had a 390 instead of the 428 and Econoline seats with no console. I had it a little while and another COCOA member bought it from me for $700.
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