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Gent looking for his dads GT500

Started by pmustang, March 26, 2024, 02:39:18 PM

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KR Convertible

That's as clear as I could get it.  I couldn't figure out how to save the enlarged picture.  Looks like 3 letters to start.  I thought SUD but doesn't look like ones I've compared.

Windsor is right across the bridge from Detroit.  Could have come from there (or anywhere).  Hell, it could be a 350 or an automatic.

It doesn't seem like she's gonna give up the father's name.  My arm was  getting sore holding up that damn book.  We need a searchable database!  There were also a lot of convertibles with a - for top color.  The white top narrows it down a lot.


Well if she's not going to share information, then you get what you get.

I am believing that the above information has some inaccuracies in it.

She has shared the name "Umberto Pomponio"

Can someone ask her to post other photos??

And let her know we are working on the puzzle
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Definitely not a GT500 KR, that part of the discussion is a little off base

Car has round tailpipes and Marchals, that excludes a KR
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Paul has identified the dealer badge as Dingwall Ford in Windsor

We should have a number shortly
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Paul's matching photo

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Here is our best guess based on the information provided by the Facebook post:

1968 GT500 / Matches information below
White top - confirmed by photograph / Matches information below
Convertible - confirmed by photograph / Matches information below
White exterior - confirmed by photograph / Matches information below
Black interior - confirmed by photograph / Matches information below
4spd - currently no match
No AC - believed from photograph / Matches information below
From Windsor, ON, CN -Dingwall Ford decal on rear valence above LH tail pipe / Matches information below
Built after 2/15/68 - confirmed by photograph / Matches information below

Car can not be a GT500KR, do to information provided in photographs.

Dingwall Ford sold 14 new cars in 1968 according to Shelby Club records.

They only sold one white, convertible to Roy J. Merlo (Windsor, Ontario, Canada). It was Vehicle Identification Number 8T03S173645-01995.
This car was an automatic transmission car.

We believe: Its most likely this car was purchased "used" from Dingwall Ford by the Facebook poster's father.

This car was last seen in Indiana in 1989.

This information is a collaboration of Mr. Paul Orr, The SAAC / Vinny Liska and Coralsnake. Also assisting forum member "KR Convertible"

It did not come from a Facebook Group, Barrett-Jackson, Marti Autoworks, The Canadian Ministry, Shelby American, a private investigator or any insurance companies.
Those are all great resources, just not for finding lost cars.


If anyone knows the current disposition of car # 1995 Mr. Liska would love to get an update on that car.
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KR Convertible

The block codes says 1995 was a black top car.  I had written that one off because of that.  I would assume an
original top in 70, but I think this must be it.


The original Influencer, check out


BY dso #01995 is in the middle of a production run of 15 gt500 convertibles , all with black interior, white top and automatic.
trhe previous owner info from year 1999 was report to have a black top

KR Convertible

Lower left corner of the block codes are how they were originally built, right?  it reads W B B A H N Y W3.   I looked for dealer code 200 in the upper right corner and went through all of them until I got into all the KRs.  I wrote off 1995 because of the black top designation.  This has been a fun exercise.


the left corner of the box "in the early days" of The Registry was what the owners told SAAC & The Registrar before we started collecting more detailed info from build sheet & Shelby codes!
As we learned more we tried to keep up with more accurate info and made changes!

KR Convertible

I see says the blind man.  I thought they came from factory documents.  The dealer codes must come from factory documents right?  That's probably why I assumed the original configuration codes did too.  Still learnin'


You folks are the Magnum PI of Mustang Sleuths

Love it