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68 shelby instrument cluster brake warning light red lens

Started by SAM83, March 29, 2024, 07:36:17 PM

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Not sure if this is a correct description in the subject title, but my understanding is that there is a red lens located on the right side of the instrument cluster that is back lit when a failure in the brake system is detected.

I can't find any photos of what this lens looks like but heard rumor that is stenciled with the word "brakes". I would post a WTB but since I don't know exactly what I'm asking for then I thought maybe someone could educate me (or post a picture) and possibly point me to where I could buy one. 

Thanks in advance for any information that might help or to anyone that has an extra they'd like to sell.

KR Convertible

Next to turn signal indicator above tach.  Lights up when parking brake is on or the proportioning valve senses imbalance.


I dont believe it is reproduced. It has to be sourced used
The original Influencer, check out


Thanks KR Convertible!  Great picture!

Yes, doesn't appear to be reproduced.  Am assuming not much demand.  I had one but has been years since I looked at it so forgot what it actually looked like.  Put it in a special place so when the time came to pull out the instrument cluster and install I'd know where to find it.  Of course it was no longer there :(

KR Convertible

Yeah, that safe place can be very hard to find.  I stash stuff there all the time.  One of these days I'll run across a treasure chest full of rare Shelby parts.

My 19 year old son gets blamed for everything that goes missing.  Most of the time it turns up in a safe place.  But then again I did find my date code correct vacuum tree broken off and cross thread into an O2 sensor bung on his car, so....


A good way of finding stored parts that seem to have wandered off is buying replacements. The lost ones will mysteriously reappear.

Bill Collins

I have several original used '68 woodgrain instrument cluster bezels that were replaced during restorations. I saved them for situations just like this. Assuming I can successfully remove the "BRAKE" red lens from one of them, I will put it into an envelope and mail it to you. The cost is you agreeing to pay it forward by doing a favor for the next person you encounter who needs some help.

PM or text me at 717-648-6600.
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KR Convertible

Bill, you da man.  Awesome gesture.  That's the way the hobby should be.  I only have 65-66 clusters laying around or I would have offered.   8)



Yup, Bill is the man!  That's why whenever anyone asks me if I know where to buy a Shelby, he is the guy I send them to.
Roy Simkins
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