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Paint Color of Dan Gurneys Sebring GT40 P1031

Started by R-MODEL1965, October 19, 2023, 05:28:44 PM

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Was P1031 driven by Dan Gurney and Jerry Grant at Sebring in 1966 painted guardsmen blue or nightmist blue. I know P1031 several months later at Le Mans was nightmist blue. I was just curious if Holman Moody repainted it or not. It is hard to tell in photos. Thanks.

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Hi a look in  Ronnie Spain's book says H.M. completed for Daytona in Feb 1966 as white and placed 3rd.For Sebring it was a Shelby team car resprayed dark metallic blue.Although in the lead on the last lap would have been 2nd ! Gurney pushed it and was disqualified!!! It was then handed back to H.M.who resprayed it dark blue for LeMans It only lasted 7 hours.Next changed to Bronze for Daytona then it says Gold for LeMans in 67 this time part of  a night wreck.Hope this answers the question Regards R.R

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Shelby didn't always use "Ford" colors. The 68 TA cars were Corvette Sunfire Yellow.
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I believe when Ford went to the different color cars for Sebring & Le Mans they used RPO Mustang colors.

Sapphire Blue code G M1905 looks like the right shade?

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P1031 at the 66 races (Sebring) looks like Guardsman and definitely not Nightmist Blue.
It was the same color at Daytona and again at Sebring in 1967.
For LeMans in 1967 it was painted a gold color.
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Hi again,
Looks like Guardsman Blue was what most  Shelby team  cars were.It makes sense looking at the pictures