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1967 Deluxe Seatback Repair

Started by greekz, October 21, 2023, 03:52:44 PM

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I noticed a small vertical crack on my drivers seatback.  I thought there was a thread on someone who repairs the seatbacks.  I did a search and came up empty.  Does someone know of a company/person that repairs seatbacks?


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Larry Zobeck did mine. Also repairs fastback rear side interior panels. He's located in Michigan.


If you do get it repaired, you still have to be very careful when fastening the panel, if there are any areas that can get stressed theses panels seem to crack easily


Did a repair on one similar to what you seem to have, use JB Weld and thin wood strip on the back.  Have to rough-up the surface (on the back-side) and make sure the crack is closed-up.

If the crack on the outside is still needing attention, tooth pick with some JB Weld to fill-in the crack and shape/contour immediately and then color with paint or black sharpie, burnish lightly to correct sheen.
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Thank you for the suggestions guys.

My crack is at the top starting at the metal trim and running downward for about an inch and one half.

I will give Larry a call.

SFM 6S1134  '67 GT-350 #2339