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How do you read the quarterly issues of the Shelby American?

Started by computerworks, June 07, 2023, 12:31:12 PM

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Currently, all club members have access to the quarterly issues on the Members Only site.
The archive has each volume packaged with special page turning software that allows you to flip through the pages online.
You also have the ability to download the issue as a PDF and read it offline.

The page-turning software is a complex and expensive feature; we'd like to evaluate its importance for the new version of the website.

How do you access the issues? Let us know...

Do you use the page reader online? ...or do you download the file?



I do read the issues on-line - but dislike the page-turning feature. 

Preferred the previous version where you could download the stories as individual downloads and read them when I had time or print them to read not on or near the computer - already spend too much time in front of a computer. 

The current version implies that you can download or print pages, or groups of pages that equal a story, but it never does the pages I tell it to or all the correct pages, so I don't bother.  I have to sit in-front of the "satan box" and read them.  Save $$ and go back.
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We read it online

Then await the years end printing

Thank you
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I download the PDF and print it.  Staple it together and read it like a magazine.

I like how the entire issue is in one file.  I didn't like the separate files for the different sections; but I will adapt to anything and make it work.


Steve McDonald Formally known as Mcdonas

I read it online, I also use the page flipping format. I can read it also as a pdf
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I use all three: flip through the pages online, then download the whole issue to have the electronic copy, then get the printed annual, which I read through again.

Don Johnston

Quote from: sd427 on June 07, 2023, 10:37:19 PM
I use all three: flip through the pages online, then download the whole issue to have the electronic copy, then get the printed annual, which I read through again.

Same here. 8)


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But I would not be upset if the page flipping option was removed.


I don't read the digital quarterlies. I wait for the annual printed version.
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Do not read the digital quarterly issues as well, wait for the printed annual.
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Typically I just wait for the printed annual as well.  But, I usually do browse the digital quarterly issues and if I see something that just can't wait for the annual will read it using the page-turning feature, downloading a pdf would be perfectly fine...
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I read it using the page flipper. Not thrilled with it but manageable. Did not realize you could download them.I might give that a try  next issue. When the printed copy comes I go through that as a refresher and to see if I missed something from the digital copy.
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I would not lose sleep without the page flipper 😁
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