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Popular Ballot Car Show details

Started by Cobrask8, May 22, 2023, 07:53:44 AM

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While I am not running this part of the event any more, I am helping in the set-up and orchestration of the show as part of the transition to the new show chairmen. Team Shelby will be this year's show chairmen, as they are a co-host of this convention.

The show will be very similar to the show run at Pitt the last time four years ago. The specific awards will be posted shortly, but here is the general set-up:

Participants vote on a top 20 (or 25) popular winners, independent of any class the car is in. Just your favorites. The traditional one ticket per car's voting envelope on the windshield, and each person gets a unique numbered ticket sheet, so no duplicates in any envelope will be counted.

A judging committee will also walk the field, and select a "Best" from a class list of roughly 25 classes, including specific classic and modern Shelby Mustangs, CSX Cobras, all matter of Mustangs, plus the assorted special classes. If a car wins this award, and also gets voted, a "TOP 20", the Top 20 will be removed and given to the next available highest vote getter. One award per car.

There will also be 4 special VIP awards picked by event VIP's, plus a "Best in Show" for the highest vote getter.

Parking will be divided into quarters, with trying to keep it divided into classic Shelby, Modern Shelby, All Mustangs, All other. But, if your group is mixed, you can park together. We're just trying to allow festival parking, but keep it grouped as best we can. Makes it more fun when youcan park and hang out with friends, and the show committee is not going ape-sh*t trying to park by classes. More fun for all.

Now, where the show will be at the track I have no clue, so the bosses will tell all of us that.

Get there early, shine it up, come to the registration table to get your credentials, and enjoy the show!

Dan Reiter


Thanks Dan -

For those asking, here is the list of classes for this years show...

1 CSX 2000 & 3000 Cobras

2 CSX 4000 and Up Cobras

3 1965 GT-350

4 1966 GT-350

5 1967 GT-350  & 500

6 1968 GT-350 & 500 & 500KR

7 1969-1970 GT-350 & 500

8 1969-1971 BOSS Mustang

9 2012 & 2013 BOSS Mustang

10 2007-2009 GT-500 ALL

11 2007 To Present Shelby GT, GTH, SGT

12 2010-2014 Shelby GT-500 ALL

13 2010 to Present GT-350

14 2020 To Present GT-500

15 1965-1973 Mustangs STOCK

16 1965-1973 Mustangs Modified

17 1974-Present Mustangs Stock

18 1974-Present Mustangs Modified

19 Special Editions Mustangs 1980 to Present (Saleen, Roush, etc)

20 2005 to Present Ford GT

21 Exotic Fords (Pantera, Tiger, etc)

22 Replicas (All)

23 Competition Cars

24 Special Interest

Looking forward to a GREAT show out in Pittsburgh!


Must you preregister for the show?


Can just come that day for the show.