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Concours forms and registration information

Started by Mike Shally, June 01, 2023, 11:36:04 AM

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Mike Shally

To help you get registered in Concours we are providing some information to help the registration process. there are several documents to help you.

SAAC Concours Guide lines that better explain SAAC's Concours system and help the owners better understand the judging standards.

There is an expanded registration form that needs to be submitted along with the normal online convention registration.

Jeff Speegle has prepared a photo guide that details how to take the photos for the review process, part of being accepted for judging is a screening process where the head judges look at your application to ensure you're prepared for the judging process.

Finally a check list to make sure nothing gets overlooked.

original owner, 68 Shelby judge, MCA Gold Card Judge, MCACN Shelby Judge