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68 Shelby Antenna, Rear Mount Hardware.

Started by Craner, April 26, 2023, 06:33:36 PM

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Looking for the top compression nut for rear mount antenna.
The nut on my antenna was damaged at some point. 
I'm concerned that it was damaged to the point where the rounded off edges are beyond repair.

I'd like to find a good core for rechrome.
Any comments, or leads on finding just the nut are appreciated.
Attached are photos of the antenna mount that highlight the nut fastening hardware.

Thank you


Hey Fran that's not what I typically see for 68


One of those parts to best source an NOS piece.
Charles Turner


Thank you Tim
I'm not exactly sure it is correct. For sure, I know that it has been in the car decades.
The hardware on my antenna looks similar to what a listing on eBay states as correct for 69, 70 PM-300 hardware. ( see photo Snipet attached)
The obvious difference with the ebay listing, and the antenna I have is a metal chrome base vs plastic. The top chrome pivot,  and body gasket looks to be the same.

Possibly this was replaced years ago.


Yes that looks more like pm300 style. There were quite a few versions of that.

Bob Gaines

I agree the picture posted in reply#4 is the PM300 style used on 69/70 Shelby. What you are looking for is the same antenna and hardware used on all 67/68 Mustangs with radios. If all you need is the hardware you may want to buy one of the repro antenna's as a donor. The repro antennas are typically not good but the hardware will look the way you need it to for all but Div I. I understand that there is a better repro antenna available that does not rattle like most but no since paying extra for that given the hardware will look the same between it and the lower price alternative. 
Bob Gaines,Shelby Enthusiast, Shelby Collector , Shelby Concours judge SAAC,MCA,Mid America Shelby


Thank you everyone for the comments. Greatly appreciated.
I've studied my antenna Vs the antenna suggested by Tim.
My antenna mast is certainly different in the base area. (see attached photos, ref. chrome, plastic)
This difference will also be apparent when the antenna is installed.

I've decided to purchase a complete NOS antenna. 


Biggest thing is make sure you get the C7 version instead of the more common C5. The giveaway is the top bar slides down and touches the mast section below on the C7. On the C5 it'll stop about an inch above.


To confirm .. this is what you described as being correct for 67 68 mustang.
The inside (narrow top most piece) recesses down to meet next extension part of the mast.
(see photo)
Think you