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Coralsnake Updates

Started by Coralsnake, April 01, 2022, 09:24:28 AM

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Is that even possible? Of course it is.... read about a very special 1967 Shelby engineering car this weekend.

I should have the new article loaded tomorrow. You can also read about the 71 Shelby and see the other updates.

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Looking forward to reading it. Thanks for your endless research, Pete!

Vernon Estes

Pete you are such a tease.

Looking forward to reading....the anticipation is almost unbearable  :D
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Thats so 1980s... Theres still a few that dont get it.


OH!  is this the one where Steve McQueen got Enzo to build the body for Shelby?
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Quote from: Vernon Estes on April 01, 2022, 10:10:28 AM
Pete you are such a tease.
A master of click bait. Always something new even if he doesn't tout it.
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Okay, I think we are ready.

If you want the full monty start here:

If you are just about the updates (you will get most of them) start here:

Please refresh your browser if you don't see current dates. I will tweak and add as errors are found, so drop me a note if you see something goofy.

Thank you to everyone that contributes!
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