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Checkered Flag - Roy Miller

Started by Cobrask8, October 17, 2021, 06:36:13 PM

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The older members may remember Roy. Lived in Phillipsburg for many years, has a Pastel Grey 1969 GT-350 4-Sp. We all knew him as "Dr. Panic". Truly a wonderful guy, active in SAAC starting back in the 1980's. I met Roy when I first moved out to that area, he was an amazing help, he and his wife Fran were so helpful, Godparents to my son.

Roy retired, moved to Delaware with the car, and was currently in Florida with his daughter's family. Many health issues later in life, finally put out the flame of a fierce fighter, friend to all. He's such an old friend, I don't have any digital images of him or the car.

Rest in peace my old friend, you and Walt are together again, fixing cars and drinking coffee.

Dan Reiter



   I remember him well, do we have any information as to funeral arrangements or donations?


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Nothing yet, I am waiting to hear from Fran.


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Sounds like a real car guy, enjoyed life to its fullest, we all should be as lucky
Owned since 1971, now driven over 249,000 miles, makes me smile every time I drive it and it makes me feel 21 again.😎



I met Roy in the early days of SAAC, hadn't seen him in years.  But he was an enthusiast and a pretty nice guy.  We'll all miss him.
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Bob Gaines

He is a wonderful ambassador for the Shelby legacy .
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Heard from the family that a memorial service will be planned for June 2022 in Delaware. Currently they are keeping things quiet, just the family.

Will keep all posted.