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Ford Station Wagons

Started by honker, May 01, 2021, 09:45:22 PM

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How about a thread on Ford wagons ? I'll start in the 50's, but doesn't have to stay chronological. Can be your or your families ride,

or seen on the street, or internet finds.

Any know the station brand in the first image with the red car ?




I restored this a number of years ago for a friend.  Had the woodgrain printed with correct black planking well as redoing the mouldings. Currently on display at the National automotive and truck museum in Auburn. IN.


Really like that White '56 two-door with wheel covers and skirts in the snow!!
'67 Shelby Headlight Bucket Grommets
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Here is a picture of my wagon. I get more thumbs up when I drive this wagon then when I drive a Shelby!


My 67 Fairlane 500 station wagon 428 4 speed dolled up like an FDNY Battalion 3 chiefs car.
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Really like the family pics next to the wagon. 
Remind me of my youth (5 kids-2 parents) all piling into the wagon for the 'family' vacation.

Dad/Mom smoking Luck Strike (no filters) and all the kids fighting in the backseat(s).
Parents in late 80's now and unfortunately 'forgetting' those days......


My dad had a 55/56 emerald green wagon. He said it had a "thunderbird" engine. My guess would have been a 292 or a 312. Then he got a '58 wagon we did a family trip to Yellowstone in.                  Me, I ordered a 77 Volare wagon. It was cool. No roof rack, 318, auto, tilt wheel ,no wood grain, am/th A/C.  copper gold color. Oh,and I had it Ziebarted.                                                                My wife's parents had a 70 Country Sqiure.                                                                                   Seems like Mustangs, everyone has a wagon story.

mark p

I "thought" that I had posted these pix previously - possibly forum 1.0(?)
Our family started with Ford wagons in 1963... and at age 87 my Mom is still driving one today. They were typically bought new and driven until they were fully worn out  ::) "Our" wagon is now a white E250.
I can't find a good photo of the '63, but have this one of Dad loading it up for a trip (about 1970). This car was fully loaded (not)... uh, it had an AM radio, the smallest I-6 (200 cu-in?), 3-on-the-tree, and rubber mats. Wimbledon white(?)

Next up was a '72 Torino. This one had an automatic trans and A/C  8) pretty sure it was still rubber floor. IIRC, the photo is the day that I got my driver's license (Jan '73).
Oh, and now I see our neighbor's Country Squire is in the background as well.
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Great post topic.

My parents had station wagons from 1949 until 1970 when they bought a Galaxie 500 four door.
They were Ranch Wagons then Country Sedans. Interiors were tan, blue or red. All had V8s, but only 292 or 302s and automatic. Ford was the wagon master.

IMHO stationwagon body style is still cool. The last "real" American stationwagon, even though it wasn't marketed as such, was Ford's Flex.


If you're just getting out of the wagon after parallel parking it, nice job!

67 GT350

My parents never had any wagons at all, but to their credit they only bought coupes:
The cars that I can remember, All bought brand new.
1961 Caddy I think it was a bubble top coupe
1961 Ford Falcon
1965 Buick Electra 225
1968 Ford Fairlane
1971 Buick Electra 225
1974 Mustang II
1976 Ford LTD
all 2 door Coupes
They drove them until they could not, they NEVER just traded a car in on a new one, it had to be towed away for them to get another car.
I did have "wagon experience" because I would put pinball machines and other large things in them.
1996 Ford Escort Wagon
2000 Ford Focus
Really liked both of them!!!
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Quote from: Chad on May 01, 2021, 10:59:05 PM
Here is a picture of my wagon. I get more thumbs up when I drive this wagon then when I drive a Shelby!

Beautiful wagon!!!  8)


How about a 1929 Ford Station Wagon... :)

1969 GT350 owned since 1970


Quote from: Chad on May 01, 2021, 10:59:05 PM
Here is a picture of my wagon. I get more thumbs up when I drive this wagon then when I drive a Shelby!
That IS Sweet!! ;)