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Transistorized Ignition XF distributor lead wires wanted

Started by john galt, November 25, 2020, 04:53:45 PM

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john galt

Transistorized Ignition distributor lead wires wanted for:   289 or 427 transistorized, XF mechanical tach drive distributor.  The two lead wires are orange and purple and connect the distributor's magnetic pickup to the TI harness.  It has a large, moulded rubber, two pin connector that connects to the harness. Used or new.


  John ,
     The one on my 289 XF tach drive looks like a Mopar plug . I'll check the wire colors but can't get back to you until Monday at the soonest. The electronics are the two opposing coils and reluctor that looks like an umbrella right? I need a magnet for mine and I'm still searching like you are. It is different than the later "saw tooth" style which has a small pin plug. Nelson may have one but of course he won't sell parts unless he restores $$$$ the dist for you.
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