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Messages - KR Convertible

Take him out as often as you can and make the most of them.  Any trip could be
the last and you won't know which one until it's too late.  Wish my dad was around to go for ride!!
If you do have to re-tap it, I wouldn't jump to 1/4".  Maybe a 12-28? Or. a metric size in between.  Yes, I know it a sin to use metric on your old American iron, but sometimes it's the best solution.
Good to know. Thanks
I was aware that the cams and induction were different, but didn't know about the crank.
Just curious.  What is different on the crank?  I have a 96 Cobra and a 97 Mark VIII.
That diagram appears to be for use with the sock coil.  If you run the Pertronics coil, you have to run 12 volts to it too, right?
You can also look for places that sell race fuel at the pumps.  They usually have it or can tell you where to get it.

I only suggested ethanol free as a diagnostic tool.  I wouldn't want to have to search for it every time I need gas.

Type in your zip code and see what comes up.  I think there's more websites like this.
Have you tried a tank of ethanol free fuel to be sure that's the problem? 

Add a phenolic spacer under the carb or you could block off the crossover passage on the intake.  It will take longer to warm up if you drive in the winter.
KRs had the sheet metal oil pan.
I have a very nice black one.  If you're interested let me know and I'll dig it out and send some pictures.  I bought it years ago off ebay for $400 and would let it go for that.
I can't find anything online about her.  Just a news anchor born in 72.
Car or playmate?  Never mind, let's see both.
Blind squirrel finds an acorn every once in a while.
I suppose Connie Kreski would be too easy?