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Shelby Parts will be offering  this NOS over-the-counter 1966 Shelby optional steering wheel. This wheel is still in its original box and was unwrapped for the first time for these pictures. Its a hell of a nice piece!

Asking $5000 OBO.

Please contact Jesse @ shelbyparts . com 
I wanted to let everyone know that Jim passed away this morning peacefully and surrounded by family.  Jim was a life long Shelby enthusiast who started Shelby Parts and Restoration in 1978. Jim was a member of SOA in the beginning and also one of the first members of SAAC.   
I started working for Jim in 2006 and he always treated me like family. I learned a great deal from him that goes well beyond the cars. I will never forget him or his love for everything Shelby.   
I will do my best to continue what he started at Shelby Parts.   
Please use this thread to post some of your good memories of Jim!

Thank you.   Jes

This is a list of parts we need for an existing Customers order I'm trying to finish.  Any help would be appreciated.   Prefer NOS but good used ok as well.

GT350 , M ratio

2nd gear : T10M-31 , C3AZ 7102G , 29t.
3rd gear : T10M-11 , C3AZ 7B340C , 27t.
Main shaft : T10H-2B , C5DZ 7061A , 28 spline x 23 5/8" long.

Cobra , Galaxie, T10L ratio

2nd gear : T10E-31 , C3AZ 7102E , 30t.
3rd gear : T10E-11 , C3AZ 7B340B , 29t.
Main shaft : T10B-2 , C2AZ 7061A , 28 spline x 27 1/2" long.

Thanks you!