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SAAC-48 / Buy my Open Track time at SAAC-48
July 07, 2023, 04:33:08 PM
My 19 GT350R won't make the trip to SAAC-48.
I'm not sure how to cancel, as I was only going there for the open track.

Would anyone like to buy my track time Thursday and Friday (discounted)?

Call 631 807 1227

SAAC-48 / Open Track at SAAC-48?
February 18, 2023, 01:52:25 PM
Hey y'all!   I've never been to PittRace BUT I just booked my hotel* and googled the track  8).  OMG!  A 2.78 mile "boomerang" shaped track.  Not sure if we'll get the whole thing (there's inside roads that could shorten the length) but if we do there's at least 4 long high-speed straights.  My GT350R is hungry for this!  So my questions are:

1) When is Registration "projected" to be open?
2) Will there be an Open Track Event?
3) If there's is an Open Track, how much will it cost?
4) Any chance of a professional racing school / driving instructors?
5) Is the Open Track restricted to SAAC members, i.e. can a non-member "guest" get on the track?

* The "host hotel" (Pittsburgh Marriott North) is sold out for those 2 of the 4 dates I needed.  I don't know what the negotiated rate is, but the hotel's website was showing $475/night.  And it's 17.7 miles away from PittRace.  So I booked a hotel 12 miles away from PittRace that was $104/night.  Got to save somewhere ...