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Topics - BlackCobraKR

I am wanting to know what sizes of tires would be good to run on a set of Shelby 10 spoke wheels. Do you run the same size of tire on all 4 corners or are you guys running a little bigger tire in the rear than in the front?
Does anybody have a tutorial or how to modify the rear interior quarter panels to fit the roll bar on 1967-1968 GT350/GT500's.

I can definitely modify a little by little in making them fit around the roll bar but I was just wondering if anybody had a really good technique or process in which they used to do it fairly quickly or more efficiently.

Maybe somebody has a template or something like that?
I was wondering if all 1968 Shelbys 350/500/500KR have tinted back glass or did some of them have clear back glass?
I am installing interior including new headliner and I am wondering if the 68 GT500KR came with coat hooks or did the factory delete them because of the roll bar installation?
I am installing a new gas tank in my 1968 Mustang and the install hardware kit included 12 stainless hex bolts and 2 larger dark colored bolt with J clips

There are 2 larger holes on either side of the filler neck that I guess where the J clips are supposed to go?
Is there a reason for the j clips toward the rear near the filler neck instead of just regular screws like the rest of the hardware?

Does something install near the rear of the tank using J clips?

I didnt notice this until after I installed the strip caulk and put the gas tank in place. Will i have to take the tank back out?
Did the factory install some sort of rubber body gaskets in between the body and the front & rear side markers for 1968 Shelby KR?
Something has changed as I used to be able to go to that site and view the index of information but now it says the site is not available on this server.

It will give me a error message in big letters saying 404 Not Found  The resource requested could not be found on this server.

Anybody know why?
I am wanting to install the cobra jet 428 emblems on my fenders. Where should the 428 Cobra emblem be placed on the fender for GT500KR ?
Could somebody describe the proper location of the lower stripes near the rocker panel for the GT500KR. How far is it supposed to be above the rocker panel molding? Does the stripe continue under the wheel well molding and does it wrap around the ends of the door edges, fender edges and lower quarter edges into the door jamb? Any help would be awesome and thanks! Any tips on installation would be great as well.

I tried doing a search on this site and online but came up with nothing. I tried the coral snake but that information is no longer available it seems and I get a server error every time I try to access their index.
I recently purchased some wheels and on the back side in one area there is a casting CSI. Anybody know what that means? There is also a casting that says USA.
Did the Shelby 10 spoke wheels that required the conical lug nuts have problems with coming loose and not keeping tight?
I have read that clear silicone sealant was applied to the upper and lower scoops. How do you remove the excess sealant from the painted surfaces. My car has base coat/clear coat paint and was wondering how to remove the extra sealant after installing the scoops.

Also did the scoops scuff and rub through the factory paint after years of vibration?
I am looking to buy a set of reproduction or original Shelby 10 spoke wheels for a 1968 Shelby. Please let me know what you have and thanks! You can PM me with what you got.

I am looking for the Tony Branda reproduction type of wheels as they were close reproductions of the original as I have heard.
Does somebody have the measurement or could you measure the diameter of a 1968 GT500KR Shelby Ram Air cleaner? I would appreciate it.
Did all 1968 Shelby GT500KR have the comfortweave interior or did quite a few come with the standard vinyl interior?
WTB: A pair of 1968 Shelby GT500 fastback inertia reels that mount to the roll bar. Will also buy the harness that connects to the inertia reel if you dont want to separate the set. Please PM me and let me know if you have a pair for sale and thanks!
I purchased a 1968 style Shelby Roll bar from Tony Branda also purchased a 3 point harness from Classic Industries which are supposed to bolt on to the roll bar for 68 Shelby . Is there some sort of bracket that goes in between the roll bar harness mount location and the roll bar that I am missing? Here are some pics.

The hole on the roll bar mount does not seem to line up with the big hole on the harness reel.

I am building a 1968 Shelby GT500KR clone and I am wanting to mount the ram air chamber to the reproduction Tony Branda 68 shelby hood that I purchased. Can somebody tell me or show where all the rivets where located to hold the ram air chamber underneath the hood and also what sealant I could use to seal it to the hood?

I would appreciate any help and thanks!
I am looking to buy a new reproduction 1968 GT500 hood,trunk lid,head lite buckets,etc from Tony Branda. Does anybody know if those fiberglass parts he sells are close to original looking in design and are not really rough looking with terrible design that is knowhere close to original looking. They told me that Legendary makes them out of Canada.

Just trying to get some feed back before purchase. Thanks!