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CSX2201 formerly owned by our friends Bob and Gail Parker here at SAAC Northwest will be competing at Goodwood Revival this weekend. It will carry No. 94 and will be driven by Bobby Verdon-Roe & Martin Brundle. This car was known as the most driven Cobra in the Pacific Northwest when the late Bob Parker owned it. There is quite a lot of detail on its restoration and prep for Goodwood on Facebook. Search: "Shelby-Cobra CSX 2201".
Hello, all. I finally have the first 15" 3 hole steering wheels finished and have confirmed all the dimensions by comparing with Rich Williams' original wheel. These new wheels are made using the original Springall drawings made for Shelby in late 1964 / early 1965. Note that Moto Lita had nothing to do with these early wheels back in the day. I have been chasing this for about 3 years. Last year in Oct, I discovered a company in England that purchased the original Springall Steering Wheel patterns and tooling used to make wooden steering wheels in the 50's and 60's. When you go to their web site, you can see the level of precision and quality they are involved in. During my many discussions with the new owner of Springall, he discovered he had the original Shelby drawings and the original tooling used to make the 3 hole steering wheels. (I have a copy of the original title block and the revision blocks). Another discovery that may be new to some is that the first several 3 hole wheels in 1965 had drilled holes done by hand. I have confirmed dimensions from Scott Evans who has an early drilled type wheel. The diameters and placement of the first 3 hole wheels is a bit different from the second batch. I have no clue as to how many of the early wheels were produced or what cars they were on except for what people have told me. The second batch had punched holes and used press tooling. I have measurements from an original second batch wheel that Rich Williams loaned me for the last 18 months and I confirmed the same dimensions from several 65 Shelby owners with original wheels. My car wants the second type and therefore that has been my focus. 5A114 had an early wheel. If you look at the photos of the interior of 5S114 and compare it to later cars, you can begin to recognize the differences in the hole sizes.

I now have in my hands the very first two of these wheels produced in June 2021. One goes on my car and one goes to a great friend Rich Williams who unselfishly loaned me his original wheel for study over the past 18 months. The wood is mahogany laid up in strips in hoop fashion just as the originals. I have just now confirmed all dimensions against the original wheel including aluminum frame thickness, etc. They are stunningly perfect. Note that Springall's intention is to reproduce the first type 3 hole wheels as well as the 16" Cobra wheels. They also are working on the center chrome plated boss (hub) for the 65 three hole and later slotted wheels. Also note that the aluminum frame thickness is exactly the same as the original. Many of you know that the original wheels were somewhat thin and that they could be bent with vigorous driving. These are the same. They are as close to perfect original as you can get. Note that these are all made by hand and therefore, may differ from wheel to wheel just as the originals did.

I am not in the business of selling these now that I have mine. However, I will promote this great product found and reproduced after all these years with the help of some passionate old school craftsman in the UK. I will have mine to show at SAAC in SAAC 46 Sonoma. Contact me if you want to see it. I will bring it to the banquet on Saturday night. If you want to bring your original wheel for comparison, please do. Otherwise, please contact Springall directly.

The early drilled wheels we are calling Gen IIA because Gen I was the 16" Cobra wheel. The later wheels like I have we are calling Gen IIB. So, to repeat: Gen I = early Cobra type 16" wheel with split frame at the center. Gen IIA = Shelby wheel early 1965 with 3 holes measuring approximately .480", .630", .890".  Gen IIB = Shelby wheel 1965 with 3 holes measuring approximately .615", .665", .835" (this is the one that I have for 5S243).

I want to thank the following people for lending me their time in pursuit of this missing link to our cars: Rich Williams (loaned me his original wheel for the last 18mo), Howard Pardee, Nolen Beck, Scott Evans (provided dimensions from an original Gen IIA wheel), Steve Whitt, Bill Goodwin, Dave McDonald, Joe Walling, Danny Jenkins, Louis Garcia. There may be others that I missed and for that, I apologize.

I am looking for as many as I can find of original, taken back in the day, period photos showing the 65 Shelby 3 hole steering wheel. The attached photo was found in Shelby's Wild Life but I need more. If you can identify when the photo was taken and what car it is, that would be great. I am getting very close to having an authentic reproduction of the original 3 hole wheels. A prototype has already been made on the original tooling but there are a few things left to confirm. Thanks
The rear end housing in my 65 Shelby was installed for drag racing many years ago and is probably 57 Ford type with big bearings, etc. I found an original housing with 2 1/2" drums, etc. but the previous owner cut off the spring perches for a project and never finished it. So, now I have that housing and new over-ride brackets from Jim Cowles. I need to install new spring perches at the correct angle relative the face of the differential mount. What is the mounting angle? I have seen this question posed on other forums and everyone seems to get hung up on the pinion angle discussion and never they never get to the angle that the spring perches need to be mounted relative to the face of the differential mount.

Next, is there a source for the correct spring perches? Thanks.
SAAC Forum Discussion Area / SoCal Drag Race Photos??
September 10, 2020, 12:55:15 PM
Looking for drag race photos in CA of a 65 GT350 or might look like a regular fastback 65 Mustang painted in dark green or dark blue from about 1966 - 1970. Might have had stripes or not. I know my 5S243 was drag raced in the 60's in SoCal or CA central coast area and I just discovered that it was painted dark green (might have been ivy green) and then later dark blue, then red and back to white. The green was first and maybe as early as 1966 due to the date code on the 66 hood that was replaced when hit on the left side. And there is green over-spray under the back package tray area where they failed to cover the interior when they painted with the rear glass out. You can clearly see the line in the photo and the green under the rear window seal. Any potential photos of a 65 fastback drag racer in green or blue with or without stripes racing in CA in the 60's would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
I am looking for detail photos of the underside of 65 / 66 Shelby steel framed hood especially around the area where the date code is stamped. Reason - The hood on my 65 Shelby 5S243 is fiberglass with a steel frame. It may not be original to the car but it may be an original Shelby supplied hood based on other history I have. Date code is shown in the photo could be 65 or 66 but I wonder if Shelby was making / supplying steel framed hoods that early in production in 65. Note the round hole in the steel frame next to the date code. I am looking for information about the purpose of the round hole as I have not seen them on other cars. The junk on the full hood photo is from my undercoat stripping efforts. Thanks 
Anyone know the original header to head flange thickness on 65 Shelby tri-y headers? I have seen 1/4", 5/16" and later repo's with 3/8". If you have a photo of an original header in that area around the flange that would be helpful. Thanks
Yes, SAAC NorthWest is having its 40th year celebration picnic today at my house in Newberg, OR. We have over 40 people coming including some of our very first members. We expect more than 20 cars. What a great group we have up here in Oregon. I moved up here in 2016 from Fresno, CA and love it, especially the level of Shelby people. Will post some photos after the party.