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The Lounge / Re: National Melt Down Day JUNE 1
June 03, 2024, 12:08:29 PM
I think they called in MAMA CASS for some 1966 and 1967 hood straightening, maybe thats why the hoods seemingly got better into the mid to late 60s. Had enough push from the TUSH!
Good thing this is not a school test... Or rocket science- :-[
The Lounge / Re: Its a good day...
June 02, 2024, 09:19:32 AM
Its been 5 long years since that all began... Lost some good friends and co workers. The usual TUFF guy Bull sh--... No one is going to tell me what to do! Miss their TUFF guy ways. We all make choices. Best of Luck!!!
The Lounge / Re: National Melt Down Day JUNE 1
June 02, 2024, 09:10:49 AM
I seem to have those on a regular occasion... If I need to or not. ;D
We were all pulling for you, that you could overcome this brain buster... Congratulations! ;)
1968 Shelby GT350/500/500KR / Re: Happy 428 day
April 28, 2024, 05:41:19 PM
LIL four two ate power! ;)
Wanted to Buy / 428 CJ intake manifold
April 25, 2024, 01:14:49 PM
Looking to trade my 428CJ intake manifold for a 1966-67 PI intake manifold or purchase outright. Manifold numbers are..... C8OE9425-C   Date code 9E9 Thanks for looking!
Up For Auction / Re: New Auction for 1967
April 06, 2024, 11:40:06 AM
 For those that are genuinely interested in jumping in.....  and purchasing these cars, there is real help on this site that can help you with your decision-making process. Good Luck it is a BEAUTY!!! ;)
Referring to the engine combo... Good Luck on the sale-
Would it be too much to ask the selling price within a months time frame?
Wanted to Buy / Re: 1967 10 Spokes
April 03, 2024, 05:23:21 PM
Thanks JD..... Your a good man, be well! ;)
Wanted to Buy / Re: 1967 10 Spokes
April 03, 2024, 02:20:36 PM
Dave- I never received it, could you try it again. Thank You-
Wanted to Buy / Re: 1967 10 Spokes
April 03, 2024, 09:34:43 AM
Friendly reminder if you or family, friends , neighbors, might have a spare wheel or two, I would be interested.
1967 Shelby GT350/500 / Re: Sleeping Beauty wakes up
March 24, 2024, 08:34:09 PM
Thanks for the question Roy... The car has been tucked away in the corner of the shop just waiting for some forward momentum. I had a leg surgery and some life items that seemed to get in the way, of getting things moving forward in a positive direction. It has been such a long arduous slog of getting this car back to where it is today that maybe I needed an automotive time out get my MOJO back! Thanks again to everyone that has helped me on this car.