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Messages - propayne

A thought that jumps to my mind is that plumbers thread tape - like is used to make the threads on a shower head water tight.

It is super thin and conforms to the shape of the threads. You can wrap it around multiple times to add thickness.

- Phillip
Also loved his logos and graphics.

- Phillip

If someone tells you P.J. never won a race in his BME Cougar don't believe them.

Rest in peace Parnelli Jones.

- Phillip

Another possible option?

- Phillip
Haven't seen where this has been posted before - some vintage footage of the Cougar II (starting at 8:19) and the Mustang II (starting at 14:04).

- Phillip
gt350shelb's pics, past and present, have disappeared for me also.

Seems to have happened since the site update?

- Phillip
No need to apologize - Peter Klutt has had at least two TV shows that I can think of, plus the content they are creating solely for YouTube.

The time/date of when the episode is put up on their YouTube channel is what is referenced, not when it was originally filmed.

I miss his TV show - I thought it was one of the more interesting ones. Willing to bet it was more expensive to produce than the run-of-the-mill Graveyard Cars, Bitchen Rides, Texas Metal, Sam's Garage, Two Guys Garage, All Girls Garage, etc. etc.

- Phillip

Yes, believe it aired when they were on Velocity/Motortrend.

- Phillip
For those that haven't heard - seems the building that housed Bud Moore Engineering is no more due to fire.

Very sad to lose such an historic building.

- Phillip

Yep - process is pretty much the same as before.

Thanks to the technical team!

- Phillip
Testing to see how posting a photo goes on the updated forum -

- Phillip

I'm sure most know this - but just in case.... GT-E Cougars had unique grills - blacked out with twin horizontal chrome bars running across the middle.

I've sent this pic on to the GT-E Registrar.

- Phillip

Looks to be a 289 Cobra? Besides the snout and hood scoop it says "289 Ford Racing" on the side.

Also, there is a GT-E Cougar lurking behind it on the other side of the fence.

Any info on when and where this pic was taken?

- Phillip

Thanks for adding the XR7-G Cougar history to THE best 1968 Shelby webpage!

- Phillip
From the November 1967 issue of Sports Car Graphic.

- Phillip