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These are essentially exhibitions,

not races, but nobody goes out there to

drive slow–and nobody does. There are

breakdowns and incidents and occa-

sionally a crash, though event man-

agement does an excellent job of

eliminating car-on-car accidents.

There are occasional off-road agricul-

tural excursions and bent fenders, cuz

guardrails and K-walls are harder.

Somebody lost control of a Cobra

replica, hit a wall, and busted up the

bodywork. A fender, trunk, tire and

wheel were sacrificed along with a lot

of scraped fiberglass. Nobody was hurt

except for pride, maybe. Still, sobering.

I greeted Joe Silva, owner of Cus-

tom Alignment in Mountain View. I

hadn’t seen Joe since the last time he

aligned my car in 2004. He’s a world

traveler now, working crew for a BMW

race team trackside in addition to

managing Custom Alignment. Joe

Silva, Mustang track car owner, long

time Shelby Club member, a bastion of

Ford competition changing tires on a

BMW. The


Joe told me business was tough for

a few years, as far as keeping his head

above water, but it’s coming back now.

It correlates with the change in the

grids and the paddock at Mini-Nats,

this year filled with all kinds of Fords.

It’s Monday afternoon now. I’m re-

porting from the Marin County town-

house of friends nice enough to put up

with me for a few days in return for a

bottle of exquisite Washington State

cabernet. Tomorrow morning, Tuesday,

I’ll be driving to Monterey to check in

and pick up my crew credentials for

the Rolex Monterey Motorsports Re-

union at Mazda Raceway (formerly

Laguna Seca). The event begins with

a staged photo-op of the race cars on

the front straight on Wednesday. I’ll

meet Don in Carmel for the Carmel

Concours and Tour, and that will begin

the next five days of vintage car cul-

ture emersion. Report and photos to



Fall 2015 329