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Is anyone near Tulsa that can assist me with an issue?

Started by pmustang, March 15, 2020, 09:54:14 AM

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Folks, Just wondering if anyone lives in Tulsa area.

I purchased 2 cars in that area from a well known person and am having a nightmare getting copies of titles and bills of sale for them from this person

Getting the cars after that may be another issue but I don't know yet

Cars were bought and paid for in January and checks were cashed.

This is a well known person in the Mustang circles. He may be having some personal issues so I am not looking to hurt his repuations. Just get my title copies, get the titles fed ex'ed to my shipper and get the cars collected

He says he texted me the titles and bills of sale, I did not receive them. he also told another huge person in the Mustang community who is not nearby that he would send him the title photos, No dice

Thank you. Peter in the UK

I will most definitely pay for your time and efforts.

PM may be best, I can call you so no costs to you.


Someone sent me a PM which I am unable to answe

Please email me

Thank you



Hello Folks

I am bowled over by the emails offering to help. I am so thankful.

I have now gotten most of the information needed from the seller.

Again, This hobby is incredible, not only because of the cars but because of the amazing owners of these cars.

I am humbled.

Cheers. Peter

mark p

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Hi Peter,  Glad glad to hear that you are making progress...helps to sleep better at night!  Not sure if there is anything I can do from Wisconsin, but you never know.  Reach out if you need anything.  Cheers!  Jack

The Going Thing

Peter: I am going to AA in Tulsa next week. If you can't get it sorted, drop a PM. I will "drop in".


Hello Folks

A further report. The car have been collected and I am informed the paperwork has been sent

Thanks once again

Its scary as hell sending money long distance I can tepl you that

Appreciate all who offered advice and help from afar

Cheers.  Peter.

The Going Thing

Peter: What port are these going from? I'm glad everything worked out for you.


Houston I believe

My business partner arranges the shipping

The Going Thing

If anything changes I will be in Tulsa mid-week.  Let me know.


thank you, the cars have left the area so thats a huge start. I will know about the paperwork soon enough. Cheers. Peter


Cars and paperwork due to arrive with me in a few days, Glad this got sorted. Thanks once again to the folks who offered help. Peter


Well I received one of the cars.

Shame it was so badly described

"some of the nicest original floors I have ever seen" was the description. I need to post up some photos to show you how "sweet these are"

Oh and the torque thrust wheels seem to have dissolved into Rusty steelies on the boat ride over.

I am highly disappointed as this was not just some schlub you find on Ebay.

Onwards and upwards.

I will fix the floors and put on some new wheels.

Cheers once again for the offers of help during the main part of the agro

Got the second one coming tomorrow. God knows the horrors that await