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January SVSAAC Holiday Event

Started by CSX4781, January 20, 2020, 05:08:38 PM

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The Southeastern VA SAAC held it's Holiday gathering at my house in Smithfield a week ago Saturday. We had a really good turnout of people (65 or so) and old cars (18 or 20, including Mike Barber's not often seen 69 Boss 302, as well as a number of 66-68 GT350s, Cobra replicas, Mustangs and a two owner 69 Cougar). Tim Kilinski organized a 1-1/2 hour cruise that ended at my house at 430PM (6-7 cars), so naturally it rained at 5PM (only for 15 min or so). Plenty of BBQ and Chili, so no one went away hungry. In addition, a number of my engineers with young children came out, so I had a living room full of kids giving my 1/32 scale slot car set a real workout (the big race was Jerry Titus R-Model vs Wendell Scott's 67 Ford stock car).



Looks like a great time!!  Nice to have all of that Ford power in your driveway!