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One Lap of VA- SVSAAC Road Tour to Fort Monroe

Started by CSX4781, December 07, 2019, 08:29:14 PM

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Several member of the Southeastern VA SAAC participated in our December club event, a tour originating at historic Fort Monroe in Hampton VA. Greg and Kristie Bradner planned and led the tour, which ended at their home in Yorktown. We met at the parking lot across from the Chamberlain Hotel, right on the Chesapeake Bay- it was nice and clear, but cool and windy. We had a number of participants and old cars, including Greg and Kristie with their red/gold 66 Hertz, Tim and Leslie Kilinski with their white/blue 66 GT350, Rob and Val Farabaugh with their 68 GT350, Nolan Beck and his wife with their 65 GT350, Tom and Roxanne Bryant with their 69 Fairlane Cobra, Bruce Turlington with his son in law Kenny Bradshaw in Bruce's green Superformance Cobra, Sara Kilinski in her black Cobra replica and me in my blue/white 66 GT350. Joe and Polly Robinson (in their daily) met us at the Bradner's after we arrived. After taking photos at a number of locations on the fort, we drove through Phoebus and Wythe down to Chesapeake Ave which runs along the Hampton Roads (where the famous battle of the ironclads happened during the Civil War), then back through downtown Hampton and up to Yorktown to the Bradner's, where they fed us well. This was more of an urban tour, rather than the country drive we have done in the past, but we were fortunate that traffic is light on weekends in the areas we drove.

Many thanks go out to the Bradners for organizing this event and having us into their home for our December club event.




  Thanks. You need to come down the next time we do something, you are only a couple of hours away.  I'll make sure you are on distribution for our next gathering.