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SAAC Members Only Web site change

Started by JayTalbott, January 13, 2020, 04:44:58 PM

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If you go onto the Members Only site using, you may notice that the URL changes in your browser to

THIS IS THE NEW URL FOR THE SAAC MEMBERS ONLY SITE, the site HAS NOT been hijacked, nor is there a problem. This is intentional, correct, and SAAC is aware of this.

Wild Apricot has always hosted the members only site, but since they upgraded their security, the site is now https protected.

Nothing else has changed, your user name and password remain the same. If you want to get on the site but cannot remember your password, there is a link there to reset your password. Please use that link.

And please, when you write to the membership office, have the courtesy to give us your name, and if necessary, your current mailing address. We hate searching our records when we get an email that says, "When is my membership due?" in the subject and nothing else. I know your time is valuable, and so is mine. With almost 3,000 members, this volunteer job is almost like a full time job, so please help me to help you.

Jay Talbott
SAAC Membership

Jay Talbott
SAAC Board of Directors
SAAC Membership Director



Jay I noticed that earlier today - thanks for the update.

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Don Johnston

Is there a wild apricot Shelby.  I do not remember that color option. ::)

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Quote from: Don Johnston on January 13, 2020, 11:09:36 PM
Is there a wild apricot Shelby.  I do not remember that color option. ::)

That would look tasty parked next to Connie Kreski's.
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