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Started by sfm6s1506, February 17, 2018, 09:39:00 AM

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Just picked up an orig all aluminum T-10.  The tranny came out of an early carry-over car. Its in wonderful condition and was rebuilt a few years ago. It was pulled out of the car and replaced with a 5 speed. Car was sold and person didn't want it. Go figure.. My question is what cleaner would you suggest for the case to get rid of the carbon deposits on the aluminum? I will be putting up for sale on forum very soon.



You can always call it a 'Barn Find'!  ( ::)

I wouldn't touch it, probably worth more that way.  Congrats BTW.

(I say this as someone who has really no idea, and is just poking fun at the current state of 'Barn Find' mania.)
Brian R. Glover
SAAC Carolina's Northern Representative

George Schalk

I agree, don't touch it.  If your plan is to just sell it, leave it as is.  Leave the cleaning to the new owner.  They may wish to leave it with the patina for a survivor car.  If someone wants to clean it up, they can do so the way they want.  Just my 2 cents. 


Thanks for advice. I will not touch it as its in wonderful shape as is. It won't let me post picture for some reason. Ill figure it out.


Hey Jerome,  Do you know what you want for it?  Thanks Chad