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Car trailer/truck parking at the track

Started by nightstalker, July 08, 2019, 07:34:16 AM

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Sorry if this already is answered...

Is there overnight parking at the track complex Wednesday through Saturday..?
If so any details...?

Thank you


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I followed the link and read all the comments..Thank you...However

I am arriving on Wednesday with truck and trailer
My activities are Thursday road tour , parade laps and car show Sat...
I would just like to leave my truck, trailer with car inside parked at one location to load and unload each day as needed.
Is this possible at the track starting Wednesday..?

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It sounds like there will be plenty of parking regardless of the vehicles(s), it's my understanding that people will be on site to direct you to specific parking areas. Hope this helps, it's my first time so I may be totally wrong.

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Can anyone definitively say exactly what time the Pittsburgh International Raceway will be open to receive trailers, etc. on Wednesday?  Thank you for any help, I'm sure others will appreciate it as well.


This is from the SAAC-44 Open Track document -

SECTION 3 –PADDOCK ACCESS/PADDOCK PARKINGSpots in  the  paddockwill  be  available  on  a  first  come/first  served  basis. Once you  find  a  spotand  set  up  you  will  not  have  to  move  for  the  entire convention.  All  paved  surfaces  must  be  protected.  Participants  must  use  flat blocks or wood squares to absorb weight beneath any equipment that may cause damage  to  the  surface,  such  as  jack-stands  and  trailer  legs.  No  holes  will  be permitted in any asphalt surface including but not limited to the racing surface, pit area and the paddock area. The track will open at 5p.m.on Wednesday, July 10, 7  a.m. Thursday,  July  11,7  a.m.  Friday  July  12  and 7a.m Saturday  July  13. Once you go through registration and get a wristband it will not be necessary to go back there again; you can just drive right into the track.

The document can be found here -

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nightstalker the Registration to get your arm band available at the track at 5:00 on wednesday or is it at the Host Hotel...??