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For those still using dual point ignitions

Started by CSX2259, February 15, 2018, 02:32:25 PM

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I am looking to replace a set of points for an original dual point ignition system, what manufacturer are people using these days for replacement points?

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I bought a set of Motorcraft on ebay a couple of years ago for the last one I did.  Definitely wouldn't use the Chinese junk.


What gap and Dwell will you use when you replace the points?
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I've used Echlin CS-756 points for many years, they are a direct replacement for Motorcraft DP-6, available at NAPA.

I gap the points at .020 and call it good.

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Thanks guys!
I was trying to get an idea of what you guys are using so that I could avoid going down the wrong path. I used up my last set of period points and need to do a tune-up.


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