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Tigers to get TAC'd at PittRace

Started by gt350man, July 05, 2019, 05:08:29 PM

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Just an FYI -- I have arranged for 3 national Tiger Club judges to come to PittRace on the 13th to certify some Tigers.  I currently have 9 cars coming, which is likely all they can handle for the day.  So, why do I mention it at this point.  One, just because this may be the largest contingent of Tigers assembled for awhile outside of a national Tiger convention and if you do have a Tiger and are interested, please feel free to drop me a line since I can see whether we can sneak another one in or in case someone backs out.  The current cars are coming from PA, OH, and NY.  They will not be entered into the Popular vote show since they will be getting looked at during that time.  This will be occurring in a garage/tent in the paddock area in case you happen to see a bunch of Tigers assembled together.  When each car is done, I may have them park together up on the grassy knoll by the water tower where there will be some Vintage Grand Prix show cars assembled.
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