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WTB Restorable E. Weber 48 IDA or IDA1 carburetor low serial number

Started by Dan Case, April 18, 2019, 01:39:24 PM

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Dan Case

Wanted to buy or trade for an original E. Weber 48 IDA or 48 IDA1 carburetor with a serial number less than 100 to complete a set.

Also interested in any quantity of original 1960s parts:
- the 1964-65 version of the #37 and #37A throttle levers shown in the factory exploded view. (New versions are still available but they are made differently than the original design.)

- 3.5 mm auxiliary venturi in great used to new old stock condition, Ford type preferred but the Porsche type will be considered in case you have a full set of eight

- 40 mm chokes (a.k.a. main venturi)

Dan Case
1964 Cobra owner since 1983, Cobra crazy since I saw my first one in the mid 1960s in Huntsville, AL.