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Missing the 1965 Registry?

Started by JayTalbott, April 07, 2019, 09:11:07 PM

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To those of you who have ordered the 65 Registry and have still not received it, SAAC wants to make sure that you received it.

I don't know why it takes forever for the USPS to deliver these Registries, or why they get delivered in the order that they do, but we will ensure that you get a copy.

However, in spite of our dedication, intent and intelligence (okay, two out of three) we do not know who did not receive their Registry, or even who some of you are who are on this Form.

So, if you did not receive the Registry that you ordered, email me at and give me your FULL NAME AND ADDRESS.
If I get an email with "didn't get my registry" in the subject line and with only "Sent from my Flip phone" in the body, that email will probably get ignored.
There is only one of me, but thousands of SAAC members, so please don't make my life any more difficult.

If you did not get a 1965 Registry because you did not order one, get yours here:

As always, thanks for your continued support.
Jay Talbott
SAAC Membership Director
Jay Talbott
SAAC Board of Directors
SAAC Membership Director


Jay, what would you like to see in the subject line?
Greg Z


Arrived yesterday in Miami

Jay, thank you so much for your interest and involvement

Cant wait for the others to be printed

Much appreciated,  thanks again
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