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Correct Part Numbers 1967 (January Build) Power Steering Hoses?

Started by Mike James, April 04, 2019, 01:43:39 PM

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Mike James

Anyone know the correct parts numbers?  I am finding a ton of conflicting information online and then I know that Blue Dot makes some of the hoses but a few of their numbers are different too.

Mike James

Yes I checked those out first.  No part/engineer numbers listed.

Mike James

I forgot to mention I need these part numbers for a GT500, January build, 1/4" power steering control valve.

1967 eight barrel

I used this on mine and there was someone reproducing them. They were 20.00. I don't currently see them, so you'll have to get your donut glazed via Perkins.

Mike James

I just need the part numbers for the hoses, not anything else.


Mike James

I am looking for the correct part numbers and any NOS hoses.

Bob Gaines

Quote from: Mike James on April 07, 2019, 10:23:44 AM
I am looking for the correct part numbers and any NOS hoses.
The correct lower NOS return hose is the hardest to find . It is a different shape then the 68 hose that is reproduced . I supplied patterns but Blue Dot unfortunately didn't want to make two different similar hoses. I would suggest the blue dote hoses unless you just had to have original hoses for concours restoration. If original or NOS hoses are what you want I know someone who might have them  ;) . With all that said and you still want original or NOS PM me and I will let you know what I have.
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