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67 San Jose Undercarriage Finishing - A Guide

Started by J_Speegle, April 02, 2019, 06:04:39 PM

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Next chapter/article as promised.

Not specifically a 65 Shelby's only document but our cars share the same details as a Mustang produced there if you pay attention to production periods.  You will note that it does not reflect the changes/modifications made at SA but those are few in this part of the assembly of the cars. Hope this helps others

This is an article I've written and rewritten a dozen times over many years. Found it was easier to have a prepared document when I got questions related to the subject rather than going through the whole thing every time. It proved to be a challenge as your always discovering new details, sub patterns and such along the way so it has only been share privately in the past since I never felt it was finished. Not sure anything I do is completely

Also just limiting the coverage to one area of the car was sort of difficult when you want to help and describe everything that was going on at that point at the car plant.  See allot of related requests here so thought it would be a good time to try and wrap it up then focus on some of the other years and plants. Hope some here find it useful in there related endeavors.

This will be updates as new information is discovered and accepted as well as mistakes, typos and such are found which I'm sure many of you will find.  I invite anyone to send me typos and issues since these all sort of start looking very similar and plenty of other things going on that can take my focus away just at the wrong time :)

For those that are also members of CMF the article is also located in the Library there with all the other articles listed by model year

Its a fairly large file with plenty of pictures and the storage site is slow so will take some time to load. Be patient  :)

Hope it helps others

Thanks for looking
Jeff Speegle- Mustang & Shelby detail collector, mentor :) and Judge



'67 Shelby Headlight Bucket Grommets
'67 Shelby Lower Grille Edge Protective Strip


Thanks for all the kind comments.

Next focus will be on 68 NJ to cover the Mustangs and Shelby's. Others that focus on that year and plant have offered support and help in getting that as close as we possibly can. Always the goal but they never seem to be completely done. The help is very much appreciated.
Jeff Speegle- Mustang & Shelby detail collector, mentor :) and Judge


Thanks so much for sharing this guide with us...much appreciated!!!
1967 Shelby Research Group

1991-1993 SAAC MKI, MKII, & Snake Registrar

Corey Bowcutt

That is awesome! Really looking forward to the 68 version.


Thanks Jeff, you truly are a hero in the Mustang/Shelby community.  :)
Brian R. Glover
SAAC Carolina's Northern Representative


Thanks Jeff!  What an incredibly valuable resource!  So clear and easy to follow.


'65 GT350, '67 GT500, '65 289 Cobra


Fantastic!  Many, many thanks, Jeff, as this is not something one could put together overnight.  A lot of work went into this - thanks!
Nothing beats a classic!


Thank you for this great resource Jeff.  Great illustrations and pictures as well.

Bob Gaines

Another great article Jeff. Thanks for the effort, It sure helps the cause. :)
Bob Gaines,Shelby Enthusiast, Shelby Collector , Shelby Concours judge SAAC,MCA,Mid America Shelby

George Schalk

Outstanding work Jeff!!  Thanks for all your efforts.


I've been a member of for a few years. I use that site as a guide to restoring 01375 to a very high level. I'm sure without that site my car wouldn't be coming along as well as it has.
The new guide Jeff has put together just pulls all the various undercarriage posts together in one place.

Great job, Jeff.

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