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le mans stripe color

Started by tonys_shelby, April 01, 2019, 04:54:43 PM

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When first applied, WW seems very white. Then as it ages, tends to get yellow-ish. It depends on the color you apply it to.

Use the Chevy white. IF anything, it gets chalk-i-er white over time and kind of flattens out gloss wise.

No one is going to ask you what color it is. If they do, tell them it is from Home Depot and you put in on with a roller. Show them Kopec's article with the materials list. The roller leaves a nice texture.
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Thanks for everyone's input and pictures.  I do enjoy and consider every ones thoughts.  Here is what I decided.  WW because of all the cars I've seen and pictures looked at I never noticed that much of a difference in stripe color ( I thought it was ##### white ) I think even less noticeable on a dark car and my car will have parchment interior so I think it will look even better with WW and be a little more correct even though not 100%


Quote from: thefordshow on April 02, 2019, 04:42:13 AM
I couldn't see a "Ford dealership" painting stripes with a GM color?  Logic would be to use in house colors.  WW once on the car is not as noticeable difference because of the distance from the centre of the car to the rocker area.
That's the look..... Stunning!

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Chevrolet commercial white is the claim. However, Viper Stone White was a great match for the stripe kits, so it's what went on my Shelby.
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