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Rear quarter Window Interior Trim

Started by Steve McDonald Formally known as Mcdonas, March 31, 2019, 07:18:18 AM

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It occurs to me that SAI had to deal with these same challenges back in 1965 / 66,
as the volumes of the GT350's was still small batch manufacturing, AND they were working up against hard deadlines to meet production schedules!
The meeting minutes related in Chuck Cantwell's book reflect the struggles of getting tooling setups, sample pieces and production run going and meet the car production schedule.
So no wonder there were incomplete GT350's sitting waiting for hoods, quarter window trim, wheels, etc.

Just imagine doing this for volumes like F-150's !

The documentary "A Faster Horse" is a view into new model startup, an interesting video!

jim p
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papa scoops

plus, bills to vendors weren't paid and new suppliers had to be found