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Coil over with adjustable ride height - adjustable by a thread adjustment

Started by Austria_Cobra, March 29, 2023, 08:33:29 AM

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Hello !

We actually discussed inside Club Cobra, if a 427 had adjustable thread adjustment to change the spring / ride height of the car. (like modern cars).

We fould some information on that so fare.
The Registry book has only one line of text for that, one pic found.

I would like to ask, if there is more information on that available.
I am looking for pics and written text, to prove it right, that the Cobra was fitted with.

Thx from Europe


You need to purchase the latest coil spring Cobra registry:

250+ pages of detailed information on all of the original Coil spring Cobras. More than you'll need for your situation.

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Thx for reply, do you know if there is all about the adjustable ride height (thread adjustable) inside?

I will buy the book, just looking to get it in Europe (shipping and taxis are higher than the book itself), but I do not find any reseller jet.
- already did :)

still more infos available ?


I looked at all the books, unfortunately there is no information about the coil overs in them. In the meantime I was able to contact Koni myself and indeed, it is documented that there is a coil over suspension on an AC Cobra. I'm still looking in vain for a Cobra on which the Konis are mounted, unfortunately I can't reach contacts for this in Europe. A pity.

Cobra Ned


Great info, thx !
Lynn says, standard Cobras had Armstrong (no adjustment), Street Comp. and full Comp. cars were delivered with Koni (adjustable) as Option.
Finding such a car looks really difficult for me on the other side of the planet :)
I would need some pictures, from the car, CSX number plate, shocks and the stamp mark of the Koni.
4 pictures and all would be proofed, that is what I am looking for.


Koni competition spec shocks have a threaded body and height adjustment. They also have a twist to turn adjustment for the shock. They were made specially for a Cobra application with a welded on bearing block on the rear lowers.


Thx for the info, do you have original shocks?
the number stamp looks fine to me, would it be possible to get pics with these koni mounted on an orignial Cobra?


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That article is talking about development of the 427 by modifying a 2000 series chassis. Klaus Arning did all the engineering and SA built the modifications to end up with what was required to build the 3000 chassis. The adjustable shocks allowed them to get accurate spring rates and heights for the production parts.
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Quote from: Cobra Ned on April 25, 2023, 08:52:07 PMMight this invoice from Shelby American for CSX 3011 help?

WOW, Over $11,000 in 1966......... that is expensive in any book.