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Vinyl stripe kit. 2007 Shelby GT

Started by sfm6s1506, March 13, 2019, 04:03:31 PM

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Looking for a set of the vinyl hood stripes for a 2007 Shelby GT. Any ideas on who might sell them?
Many thanks


Try Shelby American in las vegas if you want to keep it original.

On our car we had them painted on and then clear coated.

Your other option would be to get a local vendor to cut and apply the stripes.  Make sure they use quality materials like the 3M brand. If not you will be replacing the stripes very often.
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I used a set of stripes from Phoenix Graphix to replace the Lemans stripes on my 2007 GT-H.


When these were new I replaced dozens of these for Ford / Shelby under warranty. My company does pinstripes, decals
paint protection etc.,  for all the bodyshops and car dealers in our area. When Shelby first produced these they used Oracal brand INTERMEDIATE grade vinyl 5 - 7 year life on vertical surfaces. It was their 600 series. The replacements from them were at the time 751 series which was a 7 - 9 year vinyl. After that the A9 900 series. Later on they switched to Oracal WRAP vinyl. It's heavier duty and wasn't around when the cars were first built. This usually got them past any warranty period  after the first go around. The problem is that silver sign / lettering vinyl has little to no pigment. It's just metal flake suspended in a clear. There is no actual color to help protect from the environment. Combine that with installing on a horizontal surface hood , trunk, roof, it's always facing the sun and elements and has more exposure to acid rain. Most of the cars were also black and dark blue. They get the hottest in the sun. The stripes were basically cooking and burning up on the cars. It did happen to the white cars as well.

None of the manufacturers 3M, Oracal, Avery warranty on horizontal surfaces. We tell customers we'll take care of something under the first year. They current 7 - 9 year life is a life expentacy on a vertical surface. It's not the warranty period.

For replacement if you want the correct color, stick with Oracal brand  900 series lettering vinyl now or their wrap vinyl. If you switch to  a different brand 3M etc. The color is slightly different. Something about the metallic doesn't match up side by side. I am by the way a 3M UASG cetrified installer. If your car is garaged ther is nothing wrong with the vinyl. My 08 KR has it's original stripes that look fine. Many of the Shelby GT's stayed  outside from Day 1  and just didn't last.

Go to a local sign shop  Fast Signs etc. See if they can show you a sample of the vinyl and cut you the dimensions you need. There was nothing fancy about the hood  and roof pieces just long rectangles that were installed incorrectly and crooked when new. Drove me nuts looking at them.

The hood scoops were also replaced under warranty. The first batch were a heavy rubber painted dull silver. Didnt match the stripes. They collapsed under the heat. First warranty was a foam block under the scoop which was riveted all the way around the edge of the scoop. The block held it up but they developed waves around the edges. Last go around was  a rigid fiberglass scoop riveted around the edges.