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9F02R480013 'easy project?'

Started by Pcunder, March 04, 2019, 12:01:47 AM

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I have a couple Boss302s but have never owned a Shelby. I have been in/out of the club for 30 years and was always partial to the early cars.

But I ran across this early 69 Black Jade GT500 w/ AT at a 'reasonable' price and need to know what you might know about it. My 97 Registry leaves out the last 20+years of history.

The good: beautiful floors, body, excellent white interior, orig black/red carpetr, orig C6, 3.50 T-lock
The bad: no 428 engine, partial stripping begun in front of the original paint.

There:console/gauges, center exhaust, orig rims, nice teak woodgrain, build sheet, Marti, Shelby docs

Any reports of stolen, restored, re-body, etc...?
What would a full, correct 428 CJ engine run me?  (Ineed the unvarnished truth...)

Let's says the body is perfect and I'll need a complete 428 engine; car to pan & fan to flexplate.

What would be a good price for such a project.?




According to the 2014 registry there isn't any other owner information after the first owner Jeff Stout in CA. The car was originally assigned to the SA marketing department. I would contact the 1969 registrar Vinny Liska.

I'm no expert, but the shift handle is a stock Mustang piece - not the wood handle with Cobra insert so that would lead me to look for other missing/incorrect pieces. The value depends on what you intend to do with it. If you want a concours correct example with date-code correct parts, that's one thing. If you want a driver powered by a CJ that looks authentic, that's another. Either way it looks like a good start if there is no question to it's pedigree. Best of luck!

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Bill Collins

You might want to take a look at this - scroll down to the third car listed.
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The shifter handle is the same as in my car 9F02M480083.  My father-in-law bought the car new and gave it to me 30 years ago. I know for certain the shifter handle is original and has never been replaced.  Thought it was odd, but nice to see someone else has the same item. 


Thx for the input.

Bill, I don't see the relevance of the 3rd car down. It is a similar car and looks like a great buy. Were you just showing what a similar restored car sells for?

This is a VERY early 69 (#0013) so there are a few anomalies. I guess the shiifter is 1 of them. My very 1st room-mate in 79 had a 69 GT350 and I remember the woodgrain AT handle. I thought THIS car might be wrong but now I know otherwise. Thx for the great story, 480083.

Another is the Shelby plate riveted to the driver side 'B' pillar vs normally on the D-side door edge near the warranty data plate... Pic attached.

The current seller told me he just bought it from the son of the original owner, at least that part of the story checks...

No extra charge for the speakers or the traction bars... Lol.



You have probably the A style hood. The configurarion of the hand room to reach the latch suppose to be different on early car.



Looks like a twin to my car (602) which was also a marketing car.

Easy project attached to a shelby restoration is just not gonna happen. It took me three years to finish and 30+k and I did everything myself  but the paint.

If I were you I would buy it, get it running , spot in the front end paint, find as much used stuff to replace whatever is missing, and leave it alone.

btw I also have a comp yellow 70 b2.
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I have a complete SCJ if you end up needing one.


Thanks for the offer, but I think the car was already sold to a newer member here.

I considered buying it but have too many irons in the fire.
Other than a perhaps in a car museum, this had to be the nicest interior/floor of a 50 year old car I'd ever seen.
Ahhhh, the benefits of living (or being store) in California...

If I was set-up to flip cars, it would have been a no-brainer.

Good luck to whoever lands this car, one of the earliest 69 GT500s, in their collection.


On sale in Belgium (480013) this week.


Glad the car got a befitting restoration!


Looks nice, someone needs to tweak those smog tubes. The reproductions are not good
The original Influencer, check out


Just for the records some more engine bay pictures.