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65 Push Button Starter Switch

Started by mygt350, February 17, 2019, 06:04:10 PM

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65 A-Code. Want to remove the existing cigarette lighter and replace it with a momentary push button starter switch. Anyone go down this rabbit trail before? Will retain original ignition switch and it will continue to start the car if key turned to "start" position. I want to remove lighter bezel and install a button switch that will start engine if key is in "on" position.
Any suggestions?
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Bought a couple of these:

The outside diameter is 1 inch, I don't know how large the cig lighter hole is, but I was going to rig a similar secondary ignition requirement.
Tom Kubler


TJ's post is probably a good solution for ease of installation and cost. Revology Mustangs come with a key fob and linked push button start from Advanced Keys. It'd probably look too modern and out of place in an otherwise stock classic though.
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