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Started by computerworks, January 29, 2019, 12:01:16 AM

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Received the new registry, it's very nice.  Kind of has a high school yearbook vibe to it.   :) :)
Charles Turner


Quote from: honker on February 27, 2019, 09:30:36 AM
I am not a current SAAC member, have been in the past, Can one preorder the '67 & GT40 registries now, or do you have to wait till they are announced ? Is there a link ? I might have missed that  ::)

Mike, in Canada

First, as Membership Director, I would invite you to re-join. Contact us a and follow the Membership links.

No, you cannot pre-order the '67 & GT40 registries now. We, as volunteers, have too much to do already, and taking orders too early will just require us to answer constant email like, "When will my registry be shipped?"

As a member, you would get notified when the books are available (hint, hint). Hope we see you back soon.

Jay Talbott
Jay Talbott
SAAC Board of Directors
SAAC Membership Director


Jut got mine!

The addition of color is nice. 

And my car is pictured not once, but twice... 

It's erroneously pictured with the listing of car #169.   My car is of course #159.   I'm not sure where the picture came from as I didn't submit the one printed with #169.  The number of the car is on the door but I guess it slipped by?

Mike C
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Jim Herrud

You guys must have been fast on the keyboard!
I placed my registry order 37 minutes after receiving the SAAC pre-order e-mail and haven't received a copy yet.

Or maybe the Pony Express riders into Boise are taking a breather ;)
Shelby Buff.
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Received my copy on Saturday 3/2 in NH.  Very nice.  I'm looking forward to having the full set eventually.


Just received two of my three ordered copies and I am super impressed.  This book is the quintessential coffee table companion to the big book and with it being in color is truly awesome!  Thank you!

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shelby 711

Has anyone in the Houston,Tx. area received there registry yet?


Quote from: shelby 711 on March 08, 2019, 09:54:42 PM
Has anyone in the Houston,Tx. area received there registry yet?

Good question. I'm located in San Antonio and haven't received mine either.  I'm patient, but the suspense is killing me!  ;D

Nothing beats a classic!


I'm in Pasadena (adjacent to Houston) and I haven't received mine yet.



I'm in Longmont, Co. and have not received mine yet.
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Don Johnston

I am in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and have not gotten mine yet either so I will just work on the Shelby and go for a cruise.  Not a problem.  8)

Fast Fords

I am in Ontario, Canada and have not received mine yet either.


Hm,live in Norway(Europe).Recieved mine last week!      😳


Vancouver, Canada, and ditto...still waiting. Would sending a shipment tracking number upon shipping be an idea for the next batches of Registries?
65 GT350


In San Antonio, no registry has arrived.  Did they have to have a supplementary printing?
Tom Kubler